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While you might be considering a limousine, before you make your ultimate decision, we'd like to introduce you to the Party Bus. If you haven't acquainted yourself with their luxurious glory yet... You're in for a real treat! A party bus is just like a limousine only, made out of a bus chassis. They are a great choice for events where you might appreciate a bit of extra leg and head-room.

One of the most popular events we rent out party buses for, is for our wedding clients. A party bus is the perfect choice for a wedding adventure, no matter how big or small your wedding party may be. The extra head room, the extra space in the aisle, all lend a perfect transportation environment for bulky wedding attire.

Regardless of your special occasion, however, you'll find our selection of party buses to be a perfect compliment to any big day! If you have any questions, or would like to know more about how we can make your event perfect... Get in touch with us!

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You've probably never encountered the level of luxury and customer service that the Tampa Limo Company delivers. Don't worry, it's just how we do things! Enjoy your party bus adventure, and more, when you choose to travel with us.

Hire a Tampa Party Bus for your next special day! We are the area's best provider for luxury transportation, for any special day. Our team is dedicated, ready, and willing to do whatever it takes to bring your big day to life. And, our luxurious, custom crafted buses provide you with comfortable and unbelievably luxurious surroundings for your celebration. Give us a call, you won't regret trusting the Tampa professionals for your transportation needs.

Why choose a party bus?

Because they're awesome!

If we're 100% real with you, we'd recommend a party bus for just about any occasion.

We have no problem in recommending a party bus for the most austere occasions, all the way down to the more "pedestrian" party scenarios. Just because the word "party" is in the name, doesn't mean that you must be a partier in order to fully appreciate the experience. You see, a party bus is simply a luxury limousine, dressed in bus clothing.

You'll find, upon close inspection that there is very little difference between a limo and a bus. The biggest difference is simply the exterior appearance. It is this exterior appearance, however, that provides you with the biggest benefits! You'll find those outlined, just to the right.

More room!
A party bus, because of it's size, will give you and your group much more space to spread out and relax. This will also allow you to bring more of your own creature comforts along for the ride. Bring a keg, or two!
More comfort!
Because of their voluminous interior space, a party bus will allow you and your guests more comfort because you're all not crammed in together. It is due to this, that we often will recommend that you rent a bus for special days like prom and especially weddings where extra leg and head room are of paramount importance.
More of what you love!
If you're looking to enjoy a trip in the lap of luxury, you'll find that a party bus will give you more. More fancy fittings, more space on the luxurious leather limo seating, more TV's and more space for an even better audio system.

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