Bounce Houses

If you are reading this, you obviously have a son or daughter and you are looking for some entertainment for an event you are having. We realize that if kids like to do anything, they love to run and jump around with endless energy or so it seems. Well, to match this energy we have just the thing. Renting a bounce house is probably the most perfect fit that you will be able to find for a children's event. Think about it, the guests of honor and all of his or her friends will be able to jump and run to their heart's content. And depending on the company that you work with, there are many different variations available, some even have a slide feature. The only thing that you want to be sure of as you start your search for a bounce house is that you receive a high quality unit. You will have to be very vigilant with this search because there are providers who have units you wouldn't want to touch with a 100 foot pole. So, without further adieu, we encourage you to get started looking around the Tampa area for bounce house providers. This guide was put together for you to help you hone in on the perfect provider who will setup a bounce house that everyone can have a blast in.

Finding bounce house providers will not be as difficult as you might think. Your first potential source should always be the world wide web. Your best plan of action is to do a Google search for “bounce houses in the Tampa area.” If there is a company in the Tampa area that provides bounce house rentals, more than likely it is going to be listed on the web. Start clicking on each link and check out the online portfolio of the bounce houses that they provide and setup. If you really like what you see, jot the companies name down. You will want to keep a running list of vendors that you are interested in contacting and possibly interviewing. Have you ever thought about talking to the people that you know as a potential source. Try it. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers and find out if anyone has rented a bounce house or been to an event where there was a quality bounce house. Who knows, you might get a name or two from this avenue. Take your accumulated list and call each one up to see if they have a bounce house that would be available for the date of your son or daughter's event. If they tell you they do, ask them for a date and a time that you can come by their facility and have a discussion with them as well as check out their inventory.

At each interview, there is some basic information that you will want to ask about. The first thing you need to know is whether the company is licensed. This is very important because you want to make sure that everything is nice and legal. Don't take a chance on anything else. In addition, find out if they are insured. This is to protect you and your guests. We realize that insurance for a bounce house is rather expensive but even so, a reputable company will purchase it. How often do they update their inventory? This is important because you certainly do not want an old worn out unit being setup in your yard. What about the cleaning process between uses? Think about what a bounce house goes through during just one use. A proper cleaning and sanitizing is essential if you are going to feel good about renting it. How long will it take to setup? How much room is required to have it setup? What types of bounce houses are there to choose from? How much is it going to cost to rent the unit and have it setup? These are the basic questions that you want to be sure and ask. If you ask the same questions of each vendor, you will be able to go home and do a side by side comparison and then make the best choice possible.