A Good Magician Will Be A Hit With The Kids?

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Birthday Party Magicians

Aside from our Tamp Limo party bus, nothing is more awe inspiring than a great magician for a children's birthday.

It's the time of year that your child's birthday celebration is coming up and you want to really do something special this time, a magician is a great choice. For the last couple of years, you have been doing the norm when it comes to the birthday parties. You know, some pizza or hotdogs, cake and ice cream, open the presents, maybe play a few games like pin the tail on the donkey. Well, may we make a suggestion? Consider booking a Tampa Limo party bus and hiring a professional magician to entertain everyone at the party. Out of all of the performers that you could hire, a professional magician is the one who you can send your party into the stratosphere. The kids will absolutely love it and they will be mesmerized by all of the magicians tricks that are performed. Let's face it, kids love trying to figure out what is going on and a great magic trick will be perfect for that. Now the question is this, how in the world can you make sure that you find the perfect magician for your big bash? Well, we will admit that there is some homework to be done and you will want to conduct a few interviews with potential magicians. We realize that you do not look for a magician everyday so we would like to help point you in the right direction in your hunt. This guide will help you search throughout the Tampa area in finding some quality candidates and in targeting the one who will make your birthday party one to talk about.

There are a few different sources that you should check out in order to come up with candidates to interview. Your first move should always be to tap into the search engine algorithm. Conduct a quick lookup of “Tampa based magicians.” Begin perusing the results from this search and figure out which candidates look like they are of a high enough quality that you should possibly talk to them. Keep track of any good possible candidates you find. There is also another website that you should check out. Look for parenting websites where actual parents make recommendations. Another great potential source are the people that you interact with on a regular basis. Ask people that you know and trust if they have experience with booking a magician for a kids event. Or maybe they saw a magician perform and they have never forgotten the performance. Try and track down the name of the magicians and put them in your maybe pile. Take your formulated list and start calling each candidate to get your initial impression and if you are happy find out if they will be available on the day of the party. Assuming that they are schedule a day and time to meet with them and talk about your needs and their ability and how the two might meet.

You should have a set list of questions to ask every person you interview. Find out how many magic shows they perform per year. We cannot stress enough how important experience is in this line of work. It takes time not only to learn a professional magic act but also how to work with kids and keep them interested. And speaking of personality, what kind of person are they? Di you actually like the candidate and do you feel like they would treat your guests well. How much will they cost? This can vary depending on their experience and skill. Do they carry liability insurance? The answer should be yes. This is protection for you in case there is an unfortunate accident. How long will their show last? Will they show up in plenty of time to setup? Do they need anything from you? Once all of these questions have been asked to all of your candidates, it will be time to make an informed hire.

Our Tampa Limo Light Shows Are Perfect For A Magicians Act

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